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Joint Core Strategy Adopted by all three Councils

At full council meetings of Gloucester City Council on the 23rd November 2017, Tewkesbury Borough Council on the 5th December 2017 and Cheltenham Borough Council on the 11th December 2017, all three councils voted in favour of adopting the proposed Joint Core Strategy (JCS).

In accordance with Regulations 26 and 35 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, the statutory Adoption Statement and supporting documents have been published on this website and can be accessed by following the links below:

(Electronic version of the JCS policies maps - if you require a printed version please find the icon on the top right)

Evidence base and examination documents

In preparing the JCS, the Joint Authorities both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the 'Evidence Base' for the Examination. For information these documents can be accessed through the link below.

Main modifications evidence base and examination documents

In addition to this, there are new evidence base or supporting documents that have been prepared in inform the Proposed Main Modifications.  These are available to download from the link below.

Local development schemes (LDS)

Prepared by Local Planning Authorities, the Local Development Scheme (LDS) identifies the timetable for the preparation of Development Plan Documents (DPDs) which together constitute the 'Local Plan' for the area, as required by the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, as amended. For Cheltenham Borough Council, Gloucester City Council and Tewkesbury Borough Council, this includes the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) and each authority's district level plan.

To download the LDS for each authority, please click on the relevant link below:


  • Sustainable community strategies

  • Local strategic partnership event

  • Local agreements

  • Newsletters archive

  • Other publications

Sustainable community strategies

Prepared by Local Strategic Partnerships as a set of goals and actions which they, in representing the residential, business, statutory and voluntary interests of a local area, wish to promote. The Community Strategy should inform the Local Development Framework and act as an umbrella for all other strategies devised for the local area.

To download SCS relevant to the JCS, click on the relevant link below:

Local strategic partnership event

As one of the earliest steps in the development process of the Joint Core Strategy, the members of the executive groups of Local Strategic Partnerships of the three areas, together with the Gloucestershire Strategic Partnership, were brought together at an event on November 10th 2008.

Independent facilitators, (Lynn Wetenhall Associates) were commissioned to help plan and to facilitate the meeting. This is a report of proceedings from that meeting, produced by the facilitators. The material in here is largely verbatim material, as set out by participants on their worksheets during the group work sessions, together with material from the presentations made on the day, and additional points made in the plenary sessions.

  • JCS Local Strategic Partnerships event report, November 2008

Local agreements

Newsletters archive

Other publications

Evidence used to inform the Joint Core Strategy can be downloaded from the evidence document library.

Details of previous public consultations.

For ease of use we have produced a Glossary of Terms.

See JCS FAQs for help with frequently asked questions.

Public consultation

  • Consultation statement

  • Previous consultations

The proposed main modifications were published for consultation between Monday 27th February and Monday 10th April 2017.

  • For further information and to view the consultation documents, click here.

Consultation statement

The JCS Team has produced a Consultation Statement (November 2011) that sets out the approach that will be taken to public consultation during the production of the Joint Core Strategy.

Previous consultations

Sustainability Appraisal

  • What is Sustainability Appraisal

  • Draft Joint Core Strategy

  • Pre submission draft Joint Core Strategy

  • Submission draft Joint Core Strategy

  • Main modifications draft Joint Core Strategy

What is Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal is a process that aims to ensure that plans achieve sustainable development. It does this by assessing how the plan's policies will impact on social, environmental and economic considerations and by recommending the most sustainable options available. Where a policy is likely to result in a negative social, environmental or economic effect, the appraisal process will recommend ways of lessening the effect or offsetting it.

As is common practice in England, the Sustainability Appraisal process used for the Joint Core Strategy has been designed to incorporate the requirements of the European Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive.

A Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report was produced and consulted on in October 2008. The Scoping Report set out a framework of Sustainability Objectives that would be used to assess the Joint Core Strategy. This has now been revised to take account of consultation responses received and agreed with the statutory consultees for the Sustainability Appraisal process: the Environment Agency, English Heritage and Natural England. The revised Sustainability Appraisal Framework will now be used to appraise emerging policy options for the Joint Core Strategy.

The original Scoping Report, a Schedule of Consultation Comments and the revised Sustainability Appraisal Framework are all available to download below. 

To inform the 'Developing the Preferred Option' Joint Core Strategy, Officers undertook Sustainability Appraisal.  Land Use Consultants were commissioned to undertake the Habitats Regulations Assessment Screening.  All documentation can be downloaded below.

Draft Joint Core Strategy

To inform the Draft Joint Core Strategy, the JCS authorities commisioned Enfusion to provide Sustainability Appraisal, Equalities and Diversity Impact assessment and Habitats Regulations assessment. All documentation can be downloaded below.

Sustainability appraisal, equalities and diversity impact assessment

Habitats regulations assessment

Pre submission draft Joint Core Strategy

Pre Submission Draft Joint Core Strategy May 2014 - Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations assessment report.

Sustainability Appraisal

Habitats regulations assessment

Submission draft Joint Core Strategy

Submission Draft Joint Core Strategy October 2014 - Sustainability (Integrated) Appraisal Report.

Main modifications draft Joint Core Strategy

Main Modifications draft Joint Core Strategy Consultation Version October 2016 - Sustainability Appraisal Addendum Report.

Evidence base

  • Housing

  • Employment

  • Infrastructure

  • Natural environment

  • Broad locations / Strategic allocations

  • Minerals and waste

  • Topic papers

  • Submission topic papers

Please note this page is for archive purposes only. It is no longer updated.

New or updated evidence documents are now available through the Evidence base and examination documents library.




Natural environment

Broad locations / Strategic allocations

Minerals and waste

Gloucestershire waste core strategy
Gloucestershire County Council, November 2012

Topic papers

Submission topic papers

Housing background paper (pdf, 2 MB)