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The JCS is managed by two groups, firstly by a Member Liaison Group (MLG) steered by representatives from each council and chaired by an independent and secondly the Strategic Programme Board (SPB) which consists of officers from each council and chaired by a chief executive. Representatives of each group, as of November 2016, are set out below.

Member Liaison Group (MLG)

  • Cheltenham Borough Council

    • Councillor Steve Jordan

    • Councillor Stephen Cooke

    • Councillor Malcom Stennett

  • Gloucester City Council

    • Councillor Colin Organ

    • Councillor Said Hansdot

    • Councillor Jeremy Hilton

  • Gloucestershire County Council

    • Councillor Nigel Moor

  • Tewkesbury Borough Council

    • Councillor Rob Bird

    • Councillor Sue Hillier-Richardson

    • Councillor Kay Berry

Strategic Programme Board (SPB)

  • Cheltenham Borough Council

    • Tim Atkins, Managing Director Place and Economic Development

    • Tracey Crews, Director of Planning

    • John Rowley, Planning Policy Manager

  • Gloucester City Council

    • Jon McGinty, Managing Director

    • David Evans, City Growth and Delivery Manager

    • Adam Gooch, Planning Policy Team Leader

  • Tewkesbury Borough Council

    • Mike Dawson, Chief Executive

    • Annette Roberts, Head of Borough Development

    • Matthew Barker, Planning Policy Manager

  • By invitation a representative of Gloucestershire County Council and Gfirst LEP