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Phase 1 Ecology Survey work

As part of the evidence base supporting the JCS, a targeted Phase 1 habitat survey has been undertaken on a number of sites across the 3 authorities. Predominantly this was carried out by ecologists commissioned by the constituent authorities. In some areas this has been augmented with survey work carried out by developers who have employed independent ecological consultants.

The survey work was carried out over a number of years, as sites and priorities changed so too did the survey work. As differing consultancies were employed to produce the work, their presentation style does vary even though they were working to the same brief. This in no way compromises the validity of the information.

The aim of the survey work was to provide a description of the semi-natural vegetation of the various sites, and was made in accordance with the NCC phase 1 habitat survey methodology (JNCC 1990). Included as part of the Phase 1 habitat survey was target note information, primarily used to indentify features of particular ecological interest, but may also include other general information in relation to a particular site.

Given the disparate nature of the output, and that a number of different consultants have contributed to the various surveys they are scanned and identified by site name, Grid reference and authority. Each site has an individual pdf. Due to a historical querk they are listed A to Z and from then on A1, A2 etc. there is no logic to their chronology. Some of the sites have been surveyed more than once.

The evidence was used to assist in the identification of the Strategic Allocations along with a suite of other evidence.

Sites subject to targeted Phase 1 Habitat Survey as part of JCS