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In the past, local planning policy for housing has had to conform with requirements allocated in a ‘strategic plan’, prepared at county level (in a ‘Structure Plan’) or more recently at a regional level (in a ‘Regional Spatial Strategy’). In the Localism Bill, the Coalition Government is committed to abolishing this approach. It seems therefore that district councils will soon have to decide themselves how much new housing to bring forward and where it should go.

Developing evidence to support these decisions is a technically complex process. In simple terms, this project is the result of local authorities in Gloucestershire recognising the complexities, and wishing to address them in a new way.

The Gloucestershire Housing Evidence Review is a research exercise which will investigate the housing market in Gloucestershire and its relationship to the nature of the local population, the local economy and the presence of ‘housing need’. The Review will examine key relationships and patterns of change in the recent past, and will also allow forecasts of the future.

The review consists of three distinct components, which should all be useable alongside each other.

The review is being undertaken by all of the county’s Local Authorities in partnership, with project management being provided by the County Council.

The various information sheets below provide more detail on the project and its different components.

Please note

The purpose of the Housing Trend Analysis and Population and Household Projections report is to support planners in their development of policies.

The County Council Research Team does not have the resources or skills and knowledge to handle queries from developers, consultants representing developers, or local pressure groups. Dealing with such enquiries by the Research Team also runs the risk of its answers to be misinterpreted or misrepresented in a planning context/dispute. On this basis, the following protocol is to be followed in dealing with enquiries:

  1. Any enquiries about the report should be made directly to the relevant planning authority.

  2. Where district planners require support from the Research Team in answering an enquiry (e.g. technical query about a particular statistic), a request should be made by the district to the Research Team.

  3. The Research Team will then provide a response to the district and it is up to the district to respond to the enquirer.

JCS housing background paper - November 2011

The purpose of this background paper is to set out how the housing levels contained in the Joint Core Strategy ‘Developing the Preferred Options’ paper have been arrived at. It provides a summary of the Gloucestershire Housing Evidence Review and the demographic and housing information which has been used in establishing the proposed levels of housing supply within the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) - ‘Developing the Preferred Option'.  To download the report, click on the link below.

If you have any questions please contact the JCS team.